Electric Guitar lessons are the perfect choice for music students who like it LOUD! Nothing is quite as satisfying as learning your first guitar solo (Bob's was “Hotel California", still one of his favorites). You’ll learn to play at your own pace, and you’ll play a repertoire you are familiar with and, most importantly, that you enjoy playing.

A young girl attends a guitar lesson with Modern Music studio in Barrie, Ontario

Beginner Electric Guitar Lessons

You will learn the basic fundamental aspects of electric guitar, starting with terminology like frets, the names of your strings, how to hold your pick and all the things you need to make your electric guitar start to make some noise. In your first lesson you will likely learn a couple of basic chords and a "riff" or two (think, "seven nation army" or "smoke on the water"). You will learn the 5 Basic open position chords (C A G E D) and a few foundational strum patterns that will allow you to play literally 1000’s of popular songs. You’ll also learn some finger strengthening exercises, arpeggiation techniques, and scales and basic theory to help build your music knowledge.

Intermediate/Advanced Guitar Lessons

What makes electric guitar unique is the ability to play those really cool leads, so there is more focus on scales and modes, and techniques like hammer-ons, pull-off and bends. I can also show more advanced students how scales, modes and inside/out playing can add flavour to your leads. Learn about 4 note chords and add that jazzy texture to your rhythm playing. Learn how to jam with others, how to write your own songs, what makes a great melody, what makes your favorite songs so great, and so much more. Electric guitars are great for learning rock, metal, blues, jazz, pop, r&b and many more styles of music. I've taught classic rock songs from the 60's 70's and 80's (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles), grunge songs from the 90’s and 00’s (Nirvana, Metallica, Deftones and Radiohead) and modern rock songs by bands like Imagine Dragons, Tame Impala, & Billie Eilish. Want to learn to rock? If you're looking for something more mellow, check out our acoustic guitar lessons.