We have 3 levels to our new acting classes for budding actors in Barrie, Ontario. Classes are held on Sundays and are in groups of 4-12. Contact us at to find out more.

Dramunchkins (age 10 and under)

TeenScene (age 11-15)

StageCrafted (age 16 and up)

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In this beginner class designed for children under the age of 10, we will learn  improvisation, how to portray different emotions, memorization techniques, work on short scenes and monologues and play lots of games that build confidence and creativity! Kids will leave feeling empowered and with a deepened understanding of acting and the industry!

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TeenScene (age 11-15)

In this class built for pre-teens and teens that are interested in acting we will work on audition technique and monologues. Teens will learn the best way to approach a script and build a character as well as how to translate any stage experience to the screen. They will work on how to access and communicate their emotions as well as learn the ins and outs of the film industry so that they can walk on any set with confidence!

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StageCrafted (age 16 and up)

In this class for teenagers and adults we will dive into the deep end! Students will work on audition intensives and scene study. They will learn how to breakdown a scene and develop a character from a character description, how to build an engaging character arc, how to access and portray a range of emotions, how to master self tapes, how to translate stage work to screen and the in’s and outs of the film industry on the business side so they are prepared to enter the film world with confidence!

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