Guitar lessons with Adam Crossman

Aug 23, 2023 3:06 PM

We feel very lucky to have some of the very best music teachers in the city with us here at Modern Music Studio. When award winning guitar player Adam Crossman applied for our guitar instructor position, it was an easy decision. Adam is an extremely accomplished guitar player, having played in venues all over the world. Adam’s track record as a songwriter and performer speaks for itself. But it’s his approach to teaching guitar that really helps him stand out.

Adam’s approach fits our studio’s philosophy so well. His lessons are professional and organized, with a focus on fun and engagement. He works with students to find songs they love and his students always leave the lesson smiling. This positivity is at the heart of our studio’s approach to music lessons, with the benefit of this so perfectly obvious. Our students stay with us longer and develop not only a deeper understanding of the instrument they are learning, but a deeper love of that instrument, if not music generally.

Adam has a number of excellent videos where you can learn his approach on his youtube channel. Here is a link to one of his online lessons on learning fingerstyle

His patience, knowledge and professionalism are evident. One thing we really appreciate about Adam is the approach to fundamentals, moving slowly to ensure concepts are understood. Young students benefit greatly from this approach. He also ensures that the student comes away with a song after the very first lesson. Songs are an integral way of building excitement and confidence in playing. Part of what we value is making the lessons FUN! 

We are so excited to have Adam on board with us and we can’t wait to see what his students are able to do in the coming years.

Welcome to the Modern Music Studio family Adam.

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