3 tips to keep Practicing your instrument in the Summer

Jul 14, 2022 11:13 PM

Summer time. Who doesn’t love it? 

Music teachers.


We know this will be the time when students are least likely to practice, distracted by time spent outside in the sun.

But that’s okay. Being outside is a necessary and healthy part of growing up. 

When the time comes to make your way back inside, try not to forget about that dusty old piano/guitar/bass/ukulele/drum set sitting in the corner. 

Here’s 3 tips to keep up those practice habits in the summer:

1.) You have more time, so set a time to practice every day.

By setting a practice time every day, whether first thing in the morning, or just before heading to bed, you make practicing routine. It’s harder to forget about practice when you do it at the same time every day (like brushing your teeth!). This applies to any time of year. Make practicing a habit.

2.) Invite friends over to show them what you’ve learned

Take some time to play pretend music teacher. Show your friends what you’ve learned. See if you can teach them a piece you’ve been working on. This is how the greatest bands in the world were formed (The Beatles & Radiohead pop into my mind). Teaching friends isn’t just fun, and a great way to form musical companions, it also helps you to get better too! We teachers love to teach because we are life long learners first and foremost. Developing that sensibility while everyone else hasn’t got much to do is a great way to pass those lazy summer days.

3.) Take your instrument outside with you!

This tip may not apply to piano students, however, you might find a little toy keyboard kicking around, or find a fun way to make music on your tablet or smartphone. Guitars, Ukes, even bass and hand drums can all be brought outside to play in the sun. Head down to the park and see if you can find any other budding musicians to play along with. Summer time is a great time to meet other likeminded musicians like yourselves!

Summer is obviously a great time of year. And it can be hard to remind ourselves about that instrument in the corner with all the fun and sun distracting us. Try to find a way to make your music education a part of that sunny joy. Now, stop reading this, and Get outside and play some music!

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