Spring into Music Lessons!

Mar 22, 2022 1:15 PM

It is time. Restrictions are dropping, the sun is shining, the snow is receding and we may finally be able to say the pandemic is in the rearview. We have already noticed a huge influx in registrations for all of our instruments, which is awesome to see. We want kids to get out and do stuff again, and we think music is a great creative outlet for kids who have been cooped up for nearly 2 years. 

Want to know if music lessons are right for your little one(s)? Here are some great indicators that kids will excel in music.

1- Pattern recognition

Kids who are good with pattens will absolutely excel with music. All music is patterns. Rhythms, melodies, chords, it's all patterns! This is why studies show that kids who take music lessons show increased abilities with math and science in particular. Practicing those patterns develops all the right types of brain activity for math. My old music teacher told me when I was a kid that music is the combination of math, history, and language. It didn’t make sense to me then, but it absolutely does now. It all starts with Patterns.

2- Movement!

Do your kids dance when you have music on in the house? Do they bang away on pots and pans in the kitchen? This is a sign that they are developing their musical minds through rhythmic recognition. Good dancers are often good musicians because of that central theme of rhythm. Having a good sense of rhythm is a natural predisposition to playing any musical instrument, not just the drums! 

3- Singing!

This might seem obvious, but kids who love to sing are naturally ideal for music lessons. They are already developing their sense of melody and rhythm through imitation of their favorite songs (my daugher’s is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”). And singing is good for learning any instrument, not just voice, because every instrument is essentially speaking that same musical language. Learning those early melodies is akin to babies first words. They are learning through imitation and repition. The language of music!

So, if your kids love patters, if they like to move to the music, or if they just can’t stop singing their favorite tune, music lessons would be a natural fit! We love to foster that love of music in kids by teaching them their favorite songs. If you want to find out more, check out our wesbite at and sign up for a free trial lesson with one of our amazing teachers!

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